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Association Moderator

Rev. Richard Fowler
District Theme

“Reaching a Higher Level in Christ”
Building on the Past

Moderator’s Moments

To all who visit our Website: Greetings.

It is a joy to know you are interested in something we may offer and that you take the time and energy to look us up. That is gratifying. 

We look forward to seeing you at several occasions as we approach the Annual Session in July. 

First: My thanks to all of the more than 200 people that attending our annual Christmas Banquet at Four Points. We had such a great time with fun, food and fellowship. The gifts and prizes were phenomenal. I credit the efforts of Sister Valerie Taylor (our favorite shopper), Sister Arlene Nance, Sister Paula Hardin, Sister Lucille Brown and Sister Brenda Carter. This is a fantastic team of ladies that know how to put it together. Of special recognition is the “choir” and their rendition of the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” The song will never be the same.

Second: Our auxiliaries are sponsoring some events I trust you and your church members will want to attend. 
 - Laymen Prayer Breakfast 8:00 AM on February 25, 2017. We’ll let you know where in the next few days.
 - The Ushers are hosting day of inspiration in March from the 6th to the 8th; at Bethsaida Baptist. Rev. Will Howard is the preacher. 
-Ministers and Messengers sponsor the Seven Last Words April 13. Location: Bethsaida Baptist.

Third: Plans are underway for the annual session at First Baptist of Winchester; Rev. Marvin King is our host pastor. We so look forward to seeing you there and pray you come to participate in the association and the services we offer through the year. I well understand finances are an issue for some, but we need to let you know the registration fee is $250.00 and Auxiliary registrations are $50.00 each. Check this site for your forms and plan now to attend with your pre-registration. 

Your Servant,

Richard B. L. Fowler